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For 100 years. United Way of Greater Houston has brought together diverse partners and approaches to get to the root of complex challenges holding people back. Guided by research and data, United Way invests in high-quality programs to create the opportunity for individuals and families in the Greater Houston community to thrive. We do this by leading, serving, influencing, and convening the nonprofit social services sector to deliver quality services with exceptional outcomes. 

The United Way

Emergency Medical Care
General Medical Care
Health Screening/Diagnostic Services
Health Supportive Services
Human Reproduction
Inpatient Health Facilities
Outpatient Health Facilities
Rehabilitation/Habilitative Services
Specialized Treatment
Specialty Medicine
Substance Abuse Services
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In order to sustain a healthy and vibrant community, Harris County Public Health embraces a foundation of progressive work that is anchored by the department’s three cornerstone values – Innovation, Engagement and Equity. By investing in multiple sectors of the community through its work with public and private partners, HCPH maintains a long-term commitment to optimizing the health of Harris County residents. It’s our way of providing quality solutions to better serve you.

Harris County Public Health
Services and Programs
Dental Services
Food Manager and Handler Training
Food Permit
Health & Wellness Clinic Services
Community Outreach Events
License A Pet
Mosquito Control Services
Refugee Health Screening
Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
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Community Health and Violence Prevention Services
Search and connect to support. Financial assistance, food pantries, medical care, and other free or reduced-cost help starts here:

Resources Provided
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Baker Ripley
P.O. Box 231808
Houston, TX 77223
(713) 667-9400
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Think of your family. Your neighbors. Your community. The people and places in your life that have impacted you, connected you and helped you succeed. At Baker Ripley, we connect low-income families and individuals to opportunity so they can achieve the life they've imagined. It's the reason why we exist and it's something that hasn't changed since 1907. See it for yourself. We believe that our neighborhoods are bridges to opportunity, that people can transform communities and that everyone everywhere has something to contribute. For Good.

Baker Ripley 

Services Include:

Disaster Recovery
Job And Career Development
Senior Health and Wellness
Utility Assistance
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Harris Health is a community-focused academic healthcare system dedicated to improving the health of those most in need in Harris County through quality care delivery, coordination of care, and education. While medical care is not free at our facilities, there is financial assistance for those who qualify. Based on your household income, you may qualify for partial financial assistance, on a sliding scale. To qualify for financial assistance, household income may not exceed 150% of the Federal Poverty Level. All Harris Health patients are asked to make a minimum payment at the time of their hospital or clinic visit, except for pediatric and prenatal care visits. Service fees do not apply to patients in the Healthcare for the Homeless Program or other insurance plans. Insurance plan copays will be collected according to plan requirements.

Harris Health 

Services Include
Clinical Services
Community Medicine
Hospitality Services
Insurance/Gold Card
Outreach Services
Pharmacy Services
Population Health
Virtual Care Services