Auxiliary Services


The Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections Department provides various supportive services to help our client's succeed, provide opportunities to give back to community and support victims of crime.

Victim Assistance Program

This program provides a variety of services to clients funded through a combination of department funds and a grant under the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) program. These services include: providing information and support to victims, coordinating victim/client mediation, locating victims for whom restitution payments have been received, and coordination of the community’s Victim Interagency Council which exists to share information between victims, advocates and criminal justice agencies. The Program also conducts training for community supervision staff relevant to victim issues.

Case Review and Fugitive Investigation Unit

The Case Review Unit provides for a central location to affect the safe and efficient arrest of those clients with outstanding warrants resulting from violations of Conditions of Community Supervision and/or the laws of Texas and other states. The Fugitive Investigation Unit (FIU) provides services to the courts, protects the public, provides for the collection of court ordered fees (including payments to crime victims) and enables the State to prove due diligence by locating, arresting and returning to the courts clients with outstanding warrants for violations of Conditions of Community Supervision. 

Court Services Transfer Unit

This unit serves as a central location for all cases transferring in and out of Harris County for supervision, increasing HCCSCD’s ability to maintain compliance with the Community Justice Assistance Division (CJAD) and Interstate Compact rules. Special attention is placed on cases transferring in from other states as well as cases transferring out of state to ensure that Interstate Compact rules and guidelines are followed in all situations. This centralized unit maintains a liaison with Interstate Compact to keep informed about new amendments and training. 

Urinalysis Services

Funding is provided for the conduction of urine analysis for the detection of drugs in the systems of clients under supervision. Those who are court ordered to undergo analysis are tested randomly or according to the Judge’s orders for frequency. Results are reported back to the courts and are used to plan treatment and intervention needs.