Mission Statement

Harris County CSCD is committed to using evidence-based strategies to help individuals on community supervision eliminate future criminal behavior and become productive citizens, which in turn, creates a safer community with fewer victims.   

Vision Statement

We strive to accomplish our mission by:

  • Using interventions that are designed to effectively reduce criminal behavior.
  • Using assessment to accurately identify and target criminal risk and needs.
  • Recognizing the ability of individuals to change.
  • Treating all individuals with respect and dignity.
  • Creating an environment that encourages learning and professional growth.


Respect – We believe all individuals deserve respect and dignity.

Knowledge – We are dedicated to create an environment that encourages learning and professional growth.

Ability to change – We recognize that all people can change regardless of their past.

Collaboration – We acknowledge the importance in understanding our role and working with other community stakeholders to help address our clients’ holistic needs.

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Quick Links

Harris County CSCD Clients will be able to access the following information on this page.

Web Reporting Instructions

Branch Office Locations

Main Office Administration
49 San Jacinto Houston, TX 77002
(832) 927-8500

South Region
3330 Old Spanish Trail Houston, TX 77021
(832) 927-8500

West Region
10585 Westoffice Drive Houston, TX 77042
(832) 927-8500

North Region
9111 Eastex Freeway Houston, TX 77093
(832) 927-8500

East Region
1000 Lee Drive Baytown, TX 77520
(832) 927-8500

Reporting Instructions for new Harris County CSCD Clients

Reporting Instructions

If you need to contact your Community Supervision Officer or for assistance identifying you Community Supervision Officer please call:

Phone: 832-927-8500

Email: Generalquestions@csc.hctx.net

Please provide your name, SPN #, phone and email address.

Reporting Instructions for new Harris County CSCD Bond Clients

Reporting Instructions

Your case will be assigned to a Bond Officer who will make contact with you within 2 business days. If you have not been contacted within 2 business days, please contact your bond officer at:

Phone: 832-927-8500

Email: Bond_Supervision_Unit@hctx.net 

Please provide your name, SPN #, phone and email address.

Remote Reporting by Microsoft Teams

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Harris County CSCD is taking additional measures to ensure the safety of our clients and their families. If clients are unable to report to their CSO's as usual,  ALL regularly scheduled visit will occur via Microsoft Teams. Below are the instructions for downloading the app on your device.

1. Download the Microsoft Teams app on your device.

AppleMicrosoft Teams Apple

AndroidMicrosoft Teams Android

The Microsoft Teams app is free. Please be aware that this will utilize your data plan. If you do not have an unlimited data plan, it is recommended to utilize Wi-Fi connectivity.

When using the Microsoft Teams app for the first time, you must click "Allow" or "Accept" on all permissions (microphone, camera, etc.) requested and for the license agreement.

2.  Once your officer has set up a meeting, you will receive an email with the link. Click "Click here to join the Meeting' after downloading the app. Clicking the link will open up the Microsoft Teams app.

3.  Click 'Join as Guest' in Microsoft Teams.
4.  Enter your name and hit the "Join Meeting" button to connect. 

5.  You will see a message " Someone in the meeting should let you in soon". Please be patient; your officer will connect you to the conversation soon. 

6.  Once connected, press the camera button on the bottom left of the screen. This will turn on your camera and allow your officer to see you during the meeting.  You'll also be able to see your officer when they turn on their webcam. Click on the microphone to enable your microphone. It should say "You are unmuted". 

Make a Payment

Pay Online: Credit Card Payment


If you require additional assistance please contact Harris County CSCD at:


CSCD Call Center: 832-927-8500

Remote Court

Remote Bond Plea – Client Information Form

If you need to complete the client information form for a remote bond docket plea please click below.

HCCSCD Client Information Sheet.pdf

Please email completed form to ClientPleaInfo@hctx.net

Employment Opportunities

Whether you are seeking employment for the first time or making a career change, Harris County CSCD is here to assist you.  As you visit each site please create a profile and upload a resume to find a job or career that is equivalent to your experience and qualifications.

Workforce Solutions

Work In Texas

Job Engine

City of Houston Careers

Young Adult Re-entry Program Application

Additional Employment Opportunities