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Harris County Community Supervisions & Corrections Department


At CSCD we understand there are times when conflicts and misunderstandings may occur. We also believe at no time should anyone be harassed, coerced, threatened and ridiculed while seeking assistance.  If complaints and concerns are not resolved at the Field Administrative level, the complaint or concern will be referred to the Ombudsman for investigation. Typical duties of an ombudsman are to investigate client complaints and attempt to resolve them, usually through recommendations and mediation.

Harris County CSCD Ombudsman is the voice of the client.  The Ombudsman represents the client to ensure the client is kept in mind when decisions are made.   Contact the Ombudsman if your rights are being violated.  When necessary, investigations will be conducted and the Harris County CSCD Ombudsman will work diligently to provide a timely response.

Harris County CSCD Ombudsman Can:

  • Act as a liaison between the client and staff
  • Facilitate problem resolution
  • Act as a contact and information resource for client and staff
  • Contact Executive Administration for an investigation and possible resolution.  

 Harris County CSCD Ombudsman Cannot:

  • Override decisions made by appropriate authorities (i.e. Judges, Executive Administration, etc.)
  • Handle issues outside the oversight of Harris County CSCD

Handling Complaints and Concerns

➊  Make an attempt to talk to your Community Supervision Officer and resolve the problem if possible.

  Some complaint or concerns may require resolution at the Administrative level (Branch Director, Program Manager, Program Coordinator or Facility Director).  If your complaint or concern cannot be handled with your Community Supervision Officer, speak with a supervisor. You can obtain supervisors' names and phone numbers from the receptionist at the office (office locations and phone numbers are also located in the front of this handbook).

Ombudsman Contact Information: