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​The Centralized Assessment Center is paramount to screening, assessing, and placing clients in the appropriate levels of interventions.

Centralized Assessment Center
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The Harris County Residential Treatment Center is designed to serve clients who are in need of intensive, out of home placement to address a broad range of criminogenic needs including substance abuse, criminal attitudes, criminal peers, criminal personality characteristics, employment / education, and family issues.

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Specialty Courts are problem-solving courts that focus on treatment for those with substance abuse or mental health issues or the specific needs of Veterans or sexually exploited persons. Specialty Court programs involve collaboration with other criminal justice and community stakeholders who work together with the common goals of changing the client’s behavior and addressing the root causes of abuse.

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The Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections Department provides in-house treatment options for moderate to high risk offenders who are identified as having significant problems associated with substance abuse/dependency.   The Department also offers educational and cognitive behavioral classes which are designed to provide clients with the necessary skills to identify, plan, and implement effective problem solving techniques, address criminal thinking, and teach prosocial skills.

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The Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections Department provides various supportive services to help our client's succeed​, provide opportunities to give back to community and support victims of crime.

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​The Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections Department has four regional reporting sites that offer a variety of services to supervise clients.  Client assignments to the locations are generally based on their residence zip code and include felons, misdemeanants and those being supervised for other counties and states. All officers are trained to assess an individual's risk and needs and refer them to appropriate​​ programs or resources, thus increasing the client's chances for successful rehabilitation. The officers are encouraged to use motivational interviewing techniques in order to engage the clients in positive thinking. 

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